portrait of a regular day.

Four paws cross the street looking for food when I had just bought a chai and a Britannia at the roadside tapri. We both end up eating the cake together in alternate pieces. Chai sessions are just NEVER complete without company.

I hear something clink against my ankle. I feel it tracing an odd circle on my skin with its cold silver. I welcome the graze. I love its fleeting touch. I create a new reminder in Evernote of my phone to never take it off my foot.

At home, I lace up my shoes tight and go circumferencing around the apartment with the phone clutched tight in my hands and the earphones plugged loud in my ears. I drown out the outside noise with music blaring right in my head until all I can hear is myself panting. The most cliched songs are making sense all of a sudden.

Happiness comes in a size. It says ‘14 * 21.6 cm’ on the cover. And the 300 odd pages feel heavier than their weight when I confide things in them I would never tell my best friend.

What have you been up to?

Oh, lately I have been collecting lollipop wrappers from strangers on buses.

So this little girl sitting across from me in the bus unwraps a lollipop but looks around cluelessly when it comes to disposing off its wrapper, so I offer to throw it away for her. She gives away a cute smile that I can adore for a while but then she gets lost in devouring her candy and I have to shove the slimy wrapper inside my handbag to finally dump it in my office dustbin later.

Anyway, they should give me credits for the ‘value addition‘ I do by adding colors to the office trash.

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