just this and that.

Some days are a breeze. The kind that spring you to a ferociously happy high having just woken up in the morning. Jump-out-of-the-bed-and-get-quickly-dressed-up-to-take-a-million-selfies high. Pull-back-the-blinds-open-the-glass-doors-and- look-the-sun-in-the-eye high. Contrarily, some are a storm. The kind that make you feel like you could cry your eyes out and bring the roof down. And then, there are a few, the most dangerous ones. The kind that feel like a paralyzing vacuum engulfing you and shutting out all life outside. Those when it takes you a gazillion hours to just get out of your bed and wash your face for once. The ones that make you feel that someone has pulled the plug on you and zapped all life-charge out. That make you wonder how you had even the slightest bit of energy to change the geometry of your blank face and flash a smile a day back.

Whatever the kind of day you are surviving through, the most wonderful part of it all is that you are surviving. And that’s a miracle to be grateful for. Or rather, a beautiful gift pack of strength and resilience that you have just started to unwrap. Within yourself.

Also. Also Also. There are dark chocolates. The ultimate saviours. They get you past all the mess in a blink. So you over-indulge yourself at times. Most times. But whatever.

Anyway, another thing that’s new is, you discovered what happens when secrets come out in the open and stare at you with their naked truths. You think that they will shatter everything in your wake but that’s just your assumption. Because they don’t. Your courage rather sets you free. And oddly happy. And no matter what magnitude of embarrassment stings you in the moment, you rather get sorted for life.



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