toppled utopia.

You watch the steam rising from the coffee, and you are not sure if it is trying to defy the rain, or dissolve into it. You clutch the cup harder, raise it closer to your lips, allow the warmth to permeate all your senses, unspool every thread of thought inside you, assault every cell of your being to the core, untangle every knot inside your head. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. This is that kind of moment. You don’t bother to think right now. You just be.

The next minute, there are a thousand thoughts jostling for space inside your head. You have been looking for a job which can make your days decently bearable, you miss him, you need to pay the bills, you have to update that resume, you miss him even more, you have to finish reading that book, you have to save for the trip to Pune, you have to buy your mom glasses, you are missing him terribly! Nobody ever told you, the most beautiful thing about you is your transparency, he said that, and you fell in love.

You have been pretty confused, lately. You could not make out the difference between what’s real and what just seems to be. Your relationship of four years (FOUR years!) fell apart like a house of sand. You wonder if it had always been this weak, this brittle, this sensitive. You had met someone and it unsettled your world. You meet people everyday and nobody moves a single brick in the wall. This time, it was different. Intoxicating-different. You had never felt this magnitude of pull before. You got so torn apart between love and liking that you mistook the fling to be more tangible than it was. You feel, it is a blessing and a curse, all at once, to feel so deeply about anything and everything. It was not your fault. You had been duped by the moment. The moment turned out to be stronger than you are.

You say it all out loud, you tell them how you feel felt about them. No matter how embarrassing it gets or how much afraid you are about baring your heart to people, you say it right to their face (or into  phone!), and stomp out. You clear your head, you do it for your own contentment. You don’t expect any response, neither do you get one (sadly!), but you hardly bother anymore. Ironically, it turns out, saying it out loud diminishes the very feeling itself, and that too, very substantially. May be, it seemed stronger before because it had been reverberating all day, every day, inside your head.

You look down the balcony, and it is a riot of color outside. Raindrops are pattering against your roof, popping into ripples on the road ,dripping down the trees, encroaching upon everything, like they own the skies, the streets. You smell wet earth in the air. It gets you higher than vodka, gets you best tuned in, with your inner self. You watch a drop, streak across the glass window, knocking off dust particles in its way, the ones that had invested months into making the panes, their home. Everything is temporary. Headlights of cars make soggy roads, glisten golden in the dark. Rain is painting the streets brown and muddy all over and yet, it looks eerily beautiful.

Breakups are hard. Liking someone and not getting reciprocated in the same proportion (or not even in the slightest proportion!) is hard. Rejections are hard! Not getting what you want from your job, is hard. Not knowing what you want from anything, for that matter, is hard. Not being able to give back to your family in the way or capacity they had expected, is hard. Feeling empathy for people, things, situations and not being able to fix them is hard. Not being able to fix yourself, is hard. Life is hard. But it is beautiful too. Not constant-beautiful. But intermittently, yes, it is. May be you just need to look for it, in the right places. Outside. And inside. Inside yourself.

You are fine. You are messy, confused and sickeningly unreasonable at times. Or most of the time! But oddity doesn’t really translate into weirdness. You are an anomaly, a rare beautiful anomaly.

May be, people don’t stick around, but love never goes away. The moments you have lived already, nobody can take them away from you, they are yours to claim, to keep, to cherish, for perpetuity. So you can get by life, pricking yourself at your pain-points all the time, or you can live your life neglecting them.

You are bigger than this, than all of this. You are flawed, yes, but you have a voice strumming inside you. Follow that and you will be just fine. You might be neck-deep into this mess you have got yourself into, but this is your mess, and nobody knows you better than you yourself do. You are well acquainted with all your patterns (and unpatterned eccentricities !).

You found a way in, you will figure one out too.

18 thoughts on “toppled utopia.

  1. This is very much relatable, Heena! Very well written. All your emotions are reflecting into your writing. Keep growing, Keep prospering. Best things are waiting for you. 😊❤️


  2. breakups are hard but you should never confuse yourself with flings. flings are the last thing you should do, bad times make you take wrong decisions. i, myself lost my love of live because of this. i regret that every second. *sigh*
    maybe you should try to repair the damage before it is too late.


  3. Hi! I will try to figure this out. And take a correct decision probably. Thanks for reaching out to me. I am sorry for your loss! I hope you are okay. Wish you find all that makes you happy, in life.


  4. hey unsunkensun.
    you portrayed yourself very well with your words. i could myself feel your pain when I read this. i used to be like you. this is human nature, you miss things after they are gone. as you mentioned about the fling, I don’t know the details, but you should stay committed and not get into flings. a four year relationship is BIG thing. you get to know that person top to bottom. your guy is upset because of that fling. if you still have feelings for him, you should talk to him or maybe you already had. make him believe that this was a one time thing and you mean it really.

    don’t be so confused with life, life is easy, we make it complicated. if you love him and he loves you too, nothing in this world can keep you apart.


    1. hi katie! i am glad that you could relate to my words! you are right, this is human nature and this is universal and we can’t really help it.

      about staying committed..i guess..that isn’t a possibility anymore. we broke up on really bad terms.

      anyway, i still wish all the good things for him. i hope he finds what he really wants and i wish i figure that out for myself as well.

      thanks for reaching out to me! merry christmas! ❤️🤗


  5. You are born with a great talent of expressing your feelings. You are facing some issues in life, everyone does, just keep calm and face them. Things get better with time. You’ll get through this. god bless you 🙂


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