You are on the highway, propped on the backseat of a bike, flashing a wide grin at trees whizzing past you at 70 km/hour. Wind is tearing your skin, in attempts of chipping away at dead skin, or may be some rotten past or old memories. A full round moon stares you in your face, having left its fiery copper-red facade a while back,it burns pale white now, as if trying to stunt the dark expanse.

You are cold, partly because of the chill of the night that is biting into your bones but mostly because of the thrill that has engulfed you, the excitement, now very palpable at the surface, making your skin go plump with goosebumps and you know you are in pain and ecstacy all at once, so you close your eyes to soak it all in (though your hair is successfully defying gravity, poking at your eyes from all angles and you can’t see much anyway!).

You take a deep breath, then again and one again, and you realize that this is good, that your soul has been badly aching for something like this since a lifetime you remember not having lived enough.

You get a cold rush of blood to your head. A cloud of blur just lifted somewhere. Inside you, happy hormones are mad-hopping, they seem to have forgotten what being dormant means.

You feel someone has opened a pandora’s box and inside, you have found your way back to being alive. It is a gift, this moment, you know it won’t hurt tonight.

Life tickling you at all your right spots, you tilt your head an inch back, just enough to take in all the goodness the sky is throwing at you at supersonic speeds, right in this second, and just this silent second throbbing loud with life, you, sitting in this rippling puddle of madness and magic, grow.

Oddly, in dimensions way more profound than you ever have, in years before.

This post is in response to the one word prompt : Enlighten 

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